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Incognito – Anti Spyware 1.29 Apk For Android Download

Download Latest Version Incognito – Anti Spyware 1.29 Apk For Android Mobile

Incognito – Anti Spyware 1.29 Apk For Android Download

Incognito – Anti Spyware 1.29 – is an AntiSpy App that detects and removes malicious SpywareMalware & Trojansoftware.

► Are you being spied on by your husband, wife, partner, ex, employer etc? Are you sure?

► Have they purchased and installed spyware on your mobile phone or tablet? How do you know?

The Incognito AntiSpy scanner will:

✓ Protect you from commercial spyware tools.
✓ Stop people from spying on you.
✓ Return your privacy.

All you have to do is install Incognito and press Start Scanning to eliminate commercial spying android software. If any of the spy tools that Incognito targets are on your device they will beremoved.

It is very EASY

The companies that make and sell these spy tools (Trojan, Spyware and Malware) have millions of customers around the world. For as little as $7/month your husbandwifepartnerexemployer,employee, etc. can be a spy. They need no technical skills and no training to use these spy tools.

They will get access to all information on your device including:

✓ Listen to all of your calls in realtime.
✓ Who have you called and who has called you.
✓ Who are you messaging.
✓ Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat etc .
✓ Where you are right now and where have you been.
✓ See and hear you in real time.
✓ Every photo and video on your device.

You will never know that they are spying on you. Until Now

Our mission is to make you safe from these spy tools.

* We purchase these spy tools every week.
* We analyze how they work.
* We STOP them.

Incognito can currently find and remove dozens of commercial Trojan, Spyware and Malware tools. We are adding to this list all the time and updates will always be free of charge:

Protect yourself now with a simple Security Scan

23rd March 2016 – Important Update regarding the latest version of Stagefright (Metaphor) Vulnerability

What you need to know:

► Stagefright malware is back for a third time and it could infect over a Billion devices.

► This version of Stagefright is also know as Metaphor.

► The Stagefright bug lets attackers take control of older Android handsets in seconds.

► It affects handsets running software older than Android 4.0.

The newest version of Stagefright, also referred to as Metaphor essentially tricks a user into visiting a hacker’s web page that contains a malicious multimedia file. Once a malicious message is downloaded Stagefright or Metaphor resets the device and forces it to send more information about the handset. Using this information a hacker can take control of a device, can copy data and can also take control of the microphone and camera.

What Can you do?

The team at Incognito are working around the clock to figure out how to protect our customers and as soon as an update is tested and ready it will be automatically delivered to your device if you have Incognito installed. In the meantime:-

► Make sure you are running the latest version of Android. If you need help you can contact our support team via the App.

► Make sure your security patches are up to date.

► Avoid visiting any websites that you are not 100% sure are safe. If you are not sure do not visit them.

► Install Incognito and ensure you allow automatic updates.

Screen Of This Incognito – Anti Spyware 1.29

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