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Flee, Man! – the Zombie Runner v1.0.7 Android Game 2016

Flee, Man! – The Zombie Runner

You are being pursued by bloodthirsty zombies! Beat it! Scram! Seriously: RUN! We don’t mean “tap the screen really fast with your finger” – anybody can do that. We actually mean: MOVE! Make STEPS!

When zombies appear, it’s time to be somewhere else, and fast! So make enough steps to escape! Because if they catch you, you’ve had it! It’s goodbye life! Farewell forever! It was nice knowing you! It’s just like the real world, where hordes of zombies eat you for breakfast. (Don’t say it couldn’t happen! There are plenty of B-movies that prove otherwise!).

Thankfully, Flee, Man! warns you whenever zombies are sighted. If you happen to be attending nature’s call at the time, which renders you incapable of running (or makes it somewhat embarrassing in front of the neighbors…), then a well-aimed shot between the eyes will do the trick. Because that’s just how nice we are.

However: Whoever survives the most escapes in a row, beats the record! So get your running shoes on and go! Be Flee-Man!

How to play:

• RUN from the zombies who are out to get you. In real life!
• Be FAST and reach the required number of steps.
• Be quicker than the zombies. A successful escape run yields AMMO for your weapons.
• Use weapons to ward off the zombies when you can’t run.
• Survive as many consecutive escapes as possible to beat the record.
• Get great achievements and records.

Uses motion sensors of your smartphone. So take it with you on your escape! Or you’ll end up as zombie snack!

What you need to know:

• Flee, Man! is not a fitness app. We don’t count calories, offer clever dieting advice, or show you fancy training videos full of well-toned beauties. But: We do want to get you moving. Just for the fun of it – there’s no pressure, only plenty of humor ;o)
• Scientific studies have shown that regular exercise is important for your health . Therefore you should move several times a day. HEY – this is exactly what Flee, Man! is made for!
• Other studies have shown that it is unhealthy to be bitten by a zombie. Even that’s true!
• Do not run in front of a car, truck, or launching airplane on your escape!
• Do not run in front of a landing airplane on your escape!
• In your panic, remember to keep your eyes open and avoid accidents
• Avoid hitting streetlamps, fences, and trees on your path
• Stay healthy on the run (and at other times), and be sure not to over-exert yourself!
• Don’t blame US if you stub your toe!
• We accept no responsibility for any injuries or damages incurred during an escape run, and we give absolutely zero guarantees.

Works with all devices which have motion sensors


Further above, we said “Goodbye life”. We hereby admit and deeply regret that this was a totally exaggerated remark made for the sole purpose of linguistic dramatization created from motives of marketing. In actual fact, you will only lose a digital life, not your REAL one. If our statement scared you, we offer our sincerest apologies. And now – RUN!

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Visit us: facebook.com/flee.man.game






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